Beyond concept or philosophy, or types of cuisines, Nouri is a place that celebrates people, in all our differences and similarities.

Nouri is a one-Michelin star restaurant in Singapore led by Ivan Brehm. At Nouri, we study ingredients, techniques, and flavours to identify moments of connection between global food traditions. We call this crossroads cooking. We document, archive, and reinterpret patterns of migration, trade, war, and cross-cultural communication across time and geography.

Michelin Guide 2020
Chef’s Omakase Menu

Personalised menu by Ivan Brehm, valued at $280++

$280 $240++

Terms & Conditions: Non-refundable. Tickets are not exchangeable for cash. Bookings must be fulfilled within 1 year from date of purchase. Advance reservations required. We request booking sizes of either 2pax or 4pax.

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